There are days when I sit and start reflecting on the bullshit the world sells to us. How people on Twitter call each other ugly/trash and judge people. How Instagram is forcing us to post throwback pictures. How marketers will try and sell a concept to you to make your life better. The business of hatred is run in the open.

An e-book that will give you a lot of tricks. You’ll enter your data and never read that book. It will sit in your downloads for months or even years. An army of trolls on social media will target people. A celebrity’s suicide will spark conversations about mental health and everyone would post inspirational messages but will not stop being assholes to each other. We will not be kind and we will judge and point out and target people. We will call people ugly and fat and thin and give them names. But we will promise to be kind on our social media profiles.

The brands will make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy with yourself but will post inspirational messages to get with the trend. They will change sides and play to win and they will win.

We will talk about depression and anxiety and suicide for a few days but not educate ourselves. We will not read and make good conversations. We will discuss people. We will be in awe on knowing that someone’s been through a tough time. And then we will look to our so called leaders for help and for change. Leaders who are mostly clueless and sometimes ignorant. It doesn’t matter. Change cannot be forced. You do not make progress without having hard conversations or by avoiding these topics.

And then someone who’s apparently aware will blame it on people saying people are sensitive these days. They cannot take a joke. It is okay and they should stop taking things seriously.

Like hospitals the mental health business will boom. Right now we let the illness run free. Unchecked. We let people get infected and then when it is too late we start to cure them or at least try to cure them. We put huge bills in their hands promising they will be good. Promising tomorrow will be good. Until someone decides to leave.

Enough with empty talks. Enough with the tricks to make us believe in something to have your gains. Enough with telling us that we will feel new after taking the trip. Running away is not going to solve anything. Stop with the false promises. More than anything stop being an insensitive human who pretends to be otherwise.

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