Coming back to photography

You see photography is one thing that I’ve been doing since 2007. Yes, I have taken pauses for as long as months and years but somehow I never let it die completely.

I had ordered some equipment back in 2019 and couldn’t use it due to a busy life and a lot of procrastination. Couple these things with a few more things and you know nothing will ever get turned around.

Anyway, I saw the tripod every day. It just stood there gathering dust and I remember about 7-8 years ago when I would just give anything to have a better camera and a tripod so I could take more pictures. As luck would have it, I had intense passion and literally no money to buy the gear. I would make setup by arranging lights and making reflectors using a foil and it was fun.

Fast forward, this Sunday I forced myself to take my camera out and work on making some images. My purpose was to take some really nice self-portraits which I did but once I started I went on to click some photographs of products. Here are they, go on take a look and let me know if you like them. Also, I am working on a blog where I am going to cover a bit about taking photographs with phone. A short tutorial sort of a blog.

Buy prints here.

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