The bean bag

I have been lounging on the bean bag for hours now which isn’t the best thing. The hall has one small light on and the episodes of Seinfeld keep playing on and on. I am way past my bed time but I cannot get myself to go and sleep. I am sleepy by the way.

There is a mosquito that has been flying and I keep shooing it away. Like a true companion it keeps coming back. The first draft of this post looks funny as you know some keys do not work. Now before I threw the laptop away I switched and started using my broken phone. Joys of life.

Anyway, the curtains are open and the sky looks white.

It looks like it is washed. There is a water tank that stands like a big black blot there. I look outside once in a while and I see someone is sitting near the water tank. And that thing is staring at me. It is a look that is inquiring something.

Now before you or I believe it I must dismiss this as a figment of my imagination. There is no one there but the sky is white or slightly greyish. I see a bat outside the window once in a while, they usually sit on this tree thatโ€™s right outside the front gate. Funny creatures.

The tv is blank now, I paused the show when I started writing. I need to go and clear the bed now. Remove the extra decorative pillows my mom keeps and just hope that when I lie-down I fall asleep right away. But who am I kidding?

And yeah the mosquito is gone. I canโ€™t seem to find him now. I guess I should make a move too?

Until next time.

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