A cigarette and a nose

Then the blood rushed to my nose and it felt weird. You remember right? I have a few issues with my nose or you forgot? I remember sometimes looking at my friends in a restaurant or in a shop when they would smoke. Cigarettes after cigarettes and I would wonder how lucky and stupid they were and how unfair it was that it never suited me. No, do not get me wrong here as I do not mean that I wanted to smoke. I am better off not wasting a full box away every day.

I must have been 8 years old and I remember being in a car with my relatives, we were coming back home. They smoked in the car with windows rolled up and I felt sick. That was the beginning of me realizing that I needed to stay away from cigarettes and they can make me sick. Like an obedient boy, I stayed away from cigarettes until I tried one. What a stupid thing to do. Right?

Why am I even talking about cigarettes?

I really did forget what was this post supposed to be about but then again when have I ever written a post that didn’t touch upon multiple subjects? I start saying one thing and then take you to something else and that is how it goes. I am surprised at the fact that you still read and that you deserve a pat on your back (yes)!

Despite no smoking, the nose remains to be causing me a lot of issues and that is how it is. Once I nearly lost my sense of smell and it started driving me crazy. Imagine you used to smell things but you can’t anymore. I thought if it happens then I can maybe come clean and tell people or I can pretend to smell things. Funny right? I didn’t lose it and it was a temporary thing.

Yeah, back to the nose. You know what? Let it be. It is a weird and funny thing to talk about and again a pat on your back if you made it till here.

Until next time.

– J

P.S. You will find the protagonist smoking quite often in my stories and writings.

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