And I changed and you changed and that is what I was told. There is no use in denying the fact that it is an absolute truth. Change is the only constant thing.

You know the hardest part is not the change but accepting it. The very fact that things have changed and people have changed and you have changed is okay at some level or I am trying to tell myself. But getting comfortable with the new reality is hard. That is what death does to the people who are left behind when someone they loved passes away. An accident, illness, or even suicide. Or even people moving away from lives and leaving that gaping hole.

Leaving a big blank space, an empty blackboard, an empty movie hall, a room with no furniture, a grave with no occupant. Does the grave feel empty and robbed?

You can define blankness in a lot of ways yet it will not be enough, it will never be enough.  I wrote a similar piece a year ago.

I remember reading a book a few years ago which discussed change and it said how our brain hates the idea of change and it resists it every time. It just feels threatened and wants to skip the part where it needs to change. But to grow one must do it, one must endure and deal with whatever change comes his/her way. 

Now I crave some change. Something which will ease the ache and might even make me numb. But this is all wishful thinking and this post is nothing but a personal entry that found its way on this blog. You are free to ignore this one like you have ignored the other ones (yes) and I will tell myself that it happens and it is okay. That people become invisible and they slip out of the positions they held (no, not the titles).

Until next time.

– Jafar

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