On the other side of the window

The television was on, the table empty and light in the corner lit the room poorly. He sat there staring outside the window. There is nothing but complete darkness outside yet he stares, there has to be something out there. A few days ago he heard a cat crying at night, went to see but couldn’t spot the cat. Someone from the other building shouted at the cat and shooed it away. The poor cat couldn’t even cry properly. It is said that you should not let a cat cry and that is often associated with bad things. Cats are pretty notorious like that, black cats are considered evil and if they cross your path then something bad might happen or you might fail at your task. I happen to like cats, they are nice and smart creatures and do not really pay too much attention to anything. Maybe they are not liked by many because of that. 

I want you to come back to the room. The laptop on the wooden table is in sleep mode, I can tell because a red light keeps blinking, it must be re-charged soon. He is still sitting there and hasn’t moved all this time. The screen of the mobile lights up, a noise from the other room, a screeching noise. It comes from a fan, someone turned it on, it stopped working one day and when they tried it turn in on one last time it played along.

But on the condition that it will make a screeching noise every time it is summoned. 

The streets are empty at almost all times now. There are no more of those stupid bikers that would rev their motorcycles and makes horrible noises. Their exhausts are silent too. Something good if you ask me. But as it happens you miss that. You miss that horrible sound and you think it would have been okay if things were to get normal again. If you could walk to the closest metro station every day if you could go to that coffee shop and sip while observing people. Thinking about their lives. That one couple that has been there for as long as you’ve been in the cafe. They seem to be in love and they seem to be happy and you just wish that it works out for them and that they find whatever they are looking for in each other. The guy at the counter gives you that look, you know where he tells you without uttering a single word that you’ve been there for far too long. So, what do you do?

Bloody hell, you order one more coffee, you usual pour-over.

You need that stuff to get through the day and it jolts you awake, the rawness of it. But then you are getting hungry and you’d want a sandwich or whatever and you order one. You made the guy at the counter happy, you bought yourself some time. You bought yourself some happiness. 

Back to the room, he is not sitting there anymore. The laptop seems to be dead now, no more of that red light. The lights are closed and it is almost as dark as it was outside the window. I think that the visibility outside should be better now. Like there is a balance, there is equal darkness on both sides. Even if someone was observing from outside the window won’t be able to do it. Everything just takes a unique shape, the sofa becomes a big blob, the television becomes a big rectangle thing kept in the hall. 

During the night, he will walk in the hall and open the refrigerator and take the water bottle out. He will have a few sips and he will stop there. Like he is thinking about something and then he will stare outside the window. It is still too dark because the light from the refrigerator is not really helping. He will go back to the room and try and sleep. A fight that has been going on for quite some time. A constant one.

A nice breeze enters through the window and for a moment cools the hall. It is nice and cozy for a few moments and then it all goes back to normal. The rectangle is there and so is the dead laptop and so am I and so are you.

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