When the shitstorm passes over?

I left a month ago and by this time I was in a different place, breathing different air and completely unaware of what was to come in the next month. How things would escalate and this freedom I had would go away.

I have not counted the number of days it has been since the lockdown (for me it started early). I feel it is not very important and we all must stay inside till this shitstorm passes over. It is funny how we all wanted to work from home, how we all wanted to avoid commute but look at the world now as it goes restless. I have seen numerous amounts of Tweets and Instagram posts and I have been noticing how the frequency of these posts went high and then it dipped. People suddenly realized that they cannot spend their lives on social media. Most of us had nothing to show although a few throwback posts were made.

The reason I am talking about this today is that I had experienced this sort of isolation earlier in life. It was my introduction to this new phase of life and for the longest time, I was unable to explain this to anyone. Honestly, for the longest period, I never brought it up or talked about it. I dug a grave and placed this episode of my life hoping it will stay there. Like it does in movies, this episode came back and grew stronger with passing years until I dug it out and dealt with it. I had to deal with it, forgetting it was impossible. Now the world deals with an issue that it never thought can happen even though we were warned. We knew this was coming and that it would be bad and we will not be prepared.

Preparations not only mean in terms of hospitals and doctors but it also means preparedness to go through this ordeal (mentally). To be stuck at your homes (I guess you are lucky if you can read this) and practically do nothing. I get it that you have all those streaming services and apps and social media but for how long? I got a few texts from my friends saying they are finding it crazy and they have no idea how they will manage and the honest answer is we do not know. We have no idea when this storm is going to pass and when we can actually step out and do something as simple as going to a park. Imagine going to a park and breathing fresh air, you can sit down on a bench and just enjoy the scene.

I want you to know that we will go through this and emerge as winners. We need to help and understand each other and hope for the best. And remember when we are done with this I want you to go to a park or wherever and appreciate the freedom.

Mankind will make it. (rehmanjafar.com)

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