A window

My mom loves cleaning. On Sundays I’d be home, we would listen to some old Hindi songs and have our breakfast. I will find myself on my pc to either pay bills or check my email (personal) and mom would get to cleaning things.

Today, my sister opened the window saying it is not that cold and we can use the fresh air. As soon as mom saw the window open, she took her cleaning cloth and went for the poor window. To clean it I mean. There is absolutely no reason for telling you about this but I just find it funny and cute.

Abba would be busy reading newspaper asking me about whatever he read or how to pronounce a certain word.

Today’s word was ‘youth’.

I listen to my playlist, preferably some concertos or classic rock after breakfast. My mom would never understand these and would simply say ‘kuch ache gaane laga do’ (put some good music on).

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