Grave project

I am sitting under this big tree on a big ground. This ground surprisingly is from my school and I just happen to remember it clearly. Anyway, I am sitting there under the tree and I am all by myself. I am digging the soil with my nails and I keep doing it for a very long period. My fingers are itching and I have got small cuts and bruises as well. I don’t like cuts and bruises at all but I can’t get myself to stop. Today it does not matter. It even makes me feel alive.

The soil below the surface feels wet and with the sun going down I feel the change in temperature. I take a look at my work and I realize that I’m very near to making a grave. I never started with the thought of digging a grave.

In the distance behind the building, I see smoke rising. It must be the guard at the far end preparing for his night duty. I continue to dig like I have a target to meet. Like our lives, like all our lives.

One more look at my work and yes I am progressing. Before morning it should be ready. I take a look at the far end again but there is nothing, no sign of a guard there. The ground stays completely silent.

I think about going for a walk. You know when you’ve been by yourself all day but in the middle of the night, it takes a new shape. You feel you are different and you can’t relate to your body or to yourself anymore.

The trees lined on the border sway and the scattered leaves shift their place, they make a move. I continue to take short steps fighting a lot of things, I become a warrior. I lose one battle and I win a few.

The night has just begun and I get back to the tree and my work. Remember I have to get it ready before it gets bright again.

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