The Hall

Dark dingy hall
A guard sits outside the entry
I gather the courage to go ahead
There are large halls
On each side of the corridor
A light so low
That I can’t even read my watch
I walk and cross about
10 rooms before finally turning left

On the left the same thing
A light which is low
I must keep on walking
I pass 3 halls on each side
Each hall with its door closed
A sign saying Danger glows in the dark

I enter the hall
At the far end of the hall
There is a light shining over a chair
The chair is facing the wall
But I see someone sitting
I can see a hand dangling from the left side

I think twice about going
Towards the chair
My walk begins
I take small steps
Towards the far end

I am here and I say ‘hello’
There is no reply
The hand is still dangling
From the same side
I can hear the occupant breathing
It is shallow and very silent

The door that I entered from closes
I look back and there is nothing but darkness
I try and see if someone is there and I can hardly see
But there is someone. I hear their breathing

I call out to the occupant of the chair again
There is no reply. Just silence
I walk over to face the owner
The face is slumped
There is an IV in the hand that was visible when I entered
I call out again

There is some movement this time
The hand with the IV moves first
Then the owner looks up
And I find
It is me who’s on the chair.

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