How does it feel?

I haven’t been writing for quite some time. Honestly, I could have worked on building a habit or forced myself to do it. And here I am announcing this to the world.

I was traveling last week and had a lot of time to think and reflect on life. A few who know me are aware of these reminiscing moods I often have and this was no different. Was it?

I walked opposite to The Taj gazing at the building and then at the sea. I also caught the glimpse of Gateway of India in between this exercise. It stood by the edge proudly with nothing but people around it. One of its sides had a different texture and my amateurish explanation led me to believe that water caused this discoloration.

I stayed around the area and enjoyed the breeze before finally strolling down the street. Across the road, I saw a Bentley parked in a showroom. I crossed the road and stood in front of the showroom. The big Bentley stared back at me. I clicked a photograph and thought of the title ‘Dreams’.

In the evening I made my way to Haji Ali and thought of spending 20 mins before finally going somewhere else. Those 20 minutes became 2 and a half hours and the reason was simple. On the backside of the Dargah, you could find the city of dreams shining and thriving and on the left, there was just water. The waves would come and crash against the rocks and walls. Mountains tend to have a similar effect on me. Where you feel really small and realize how inconsequential your worries can be. A speck sitting by the edge on a Dargah.

Anyway, back to the reason for this blog post and how I came to realize that I should have continued writing. I am back and life is back to normal (don’t know what normal is) and things need to be done. And I had this intense desire (pardon me but I can’t find a better word) to say things. If not say, then write them down and that is when I realized that this is all trapped inside me and I have no way to put it out there. A noose that keeps getting tighter with each movement.

Writing seemed to be the best way of doing things. This is what I could write. Reading this makes you a witness.