The time in my watch is 3:20 (actually 3:21) and I haven’t had my lunch yet. On a usual day I would not delay it but today was different.

As it happens I am working on a project that demands urgent attention. My job is to trim content, take care of details and make sure that a particular section of the website goes live today. Why am I even getting in to these details? Why bore you with all this usual work.

Honestly the reason I am writing this is because I have been writing such drafts and deleting them for the past few weeks.

Today I thought let me go ahead and post randomly.

I have been trying to read and write more but I am still very far from where I should be.

With this I shall get back to my work. When that gets done I get to eat.

And yes I took a picture. I titled it ‘On the other side’

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