34 percent

I have had my fill. This thought ran through his mind constantly. Tapping some random keys on the laptop, he looked around and saw everyone reeked of mediocrity and sadness and lost hope. Or maybe he reeked of all those things. You’d never know.

The problem as you see is, I do not know my subject this well today. He happens to be someone I often see through the day but interactions are rare. So rare that I am finding myself at a loss of words.

So, the phone is getting charged and the blinds are blocking the strong summer sun and the air conditioner is performing just about okay. He looks around and finds nothing that can be of help. A tissue box, a lunch box, and a telephone do not have that kind of power. People? Maybe they have that kind of power but to be honest even they are failing. Each human interaction is less effective. Like above, maybe he is getting less effective.

So, what becomes interesting is a drawer. A drawer is an object of interest now. The drawer seems locked but is obviously not, nothing important is ever kept there. Maybe a couple of pens? visiting cards? Who knows until the drawer opens and reveals its contents.

He pulls the drawer and it opens instantly. Inside the drawer is a file with nothing written on it. He looks around and on finding no one takes the file out and flips it open. The file is empty, there are no documents. The drawer otherwise is empty and even the file is of no interest to him now. He throws the file back inside and leans back on his chair. A yawn is on its way, he stretches his arms in the air and then yawns.

He leaves his chair and goes somewhere out of sight. The drawer is closed, the file back to its rightful place. The phone is at 34 percent, a long way from a complete 100 percent.

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