Spider Room

Spider room. Before you start wondering what in the world is a spider room I will tell you what it is and why I call it that. There is more to this post (thought you should be informed).

So, at work there is a room that never had a name until we gave it one. In the company there was one spider phone aka conference phone and this room had it. We started calling it Spider Room. Then something happened and each room in the office had a name, an identity. While things changed, I got left behind. I continued calling it spider room.

Why am I even telling you about spider room in the first place? Okay because I am sitting in this smallish room and was observing it. A pin board right in front me would usually have a very old McDonald’s menu pinned. It has a few post-its now and there are interesting things written on them. What makes them even more interesting is that the owner of those notes is not with the company anymore. An individual who worked for a couple of months with IT team, someone I wouldn’t really remember and someone who wouldn’t really remember me. We hardly spoke and after these years of working and seeing people leave I interacted with lesser people. Time was a master at playing its trick. Yes, it was working.

Would you like to read what is written on those notes?

Note 1: ‘Deepak, Merry Christmas.

Note 2: ‘Hi Deepak, Hope you like writing your favorite things on it, Secret Santa 🙂 ‘

Note 3: ‘Merry Christmas. To: Deepak’

These were given during the Christmas of 2018. Deepak took the gifts or he left them behind like those notes that came with them? I wouldn’t know and it doesn’t really matter.

I won’t be surprised if these notes will be taken off that board someday and something new might get there. Just a matter of time.

Here is what the view looks like. The light is good and there are some shadows making the scene poetic or calming. And oh the fan on the right is at speed 1 which is just about perfect.

So, allow me to continue with my work and tell me some stories of your own.

Until next time


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