Resolution of 2019

Wow we are in 2019 already and this is the 14th day. I thought I will check up on you guys and ask how you’ve been? Did you make some resolutions and did you stick to them?

We all know by now that resolutions don’t work or hardly work. Gym memberships go to waste, the cycle you bought gets parked and the new shoes are gonna be new for quite some time. However, if I was to talk about myself I’d say I made some small changes to my life. And they happened before the new year started and with so much of hard work and dedication and unease, I am kind of struggling right now. Change is such a hard thing but it is the only constant thing. Although Heraclitus said it in a better manner.

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

Shifting to another topic, I’ve had a few comments, messages and emails from some of you asking several things. Some were purely about why I am not posting anymore and when will post. So yeah here I am writing to you all. If you are reading this and have been to the blog earlier (works even if you haven’t) then tell me how you’ve been and feel free to share whatever you wrote recently. I’d love to read it.

5 thoughts on “Resolution of 2019”

  1. While I haven’t written something of significance, writing better and writing frequently is one of my resolutions for the next year.
    Yes, change is the only constant and the journey is steep and bumpy but you grow up and learn things you never thought you would know through your journey.

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    1. One of my aim is to write better and more as well. What used to be a habit once is not anymore.

      And you are right about change. Steep and bumpy yet gives you experience.

      Did you happen to write anything? Share?

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  2. I guess one thing I would like to do this year is write my blog regularly and also write something better. Sometimes, it clicks but sometimes it absolutely doesn’t. Aside from that it’s hard to plan anything for future because you never know what will happen next. I guess wanting a healthy and happy lifestyle isn’t something that is a resolution for me, it’s a constant.

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