I made a promise to myself sitting at the edge of this rocky path which led to the ocean and I failed.

My life for the past 3 years has been mostly about work. I have dedicated myself to it because it gives me a reason to live, I learn and working makes me feel good. But like I said, there was this rocky path and I was sitting at the edge and I looked at the vastness in front of me. The water and sky eventually merging somewhere far.

Now you must be wondering what promise? I will tell you but come along and read it. Looking at that vastness and emptiness makes you think and reflect on life and mostly in a positive sense (or it depends). So, I sat there thinking for a long time about almost everything, my relationships with people, my way of looking at life and things that needs work.

I made a promise that I will look at life with a different lens. I would never leave or abandon my passion(s) and would certainly improve my perspective towards life. Then two days later I found myself back in my usual routine with my job and I started forgetting everything. To preserve the memory, I’d close my eyes and try and remember the waves hitting the rocks, vast blue sky and obviously the water.

That also went away, I wasn’t seeing those waves and I forgot my promise. But yet here I am on my birthday making another promise that I will act on it. I will not let myself lose in the rush of this life. In the fast moving cars and the metro. I will find my balance and I will do things my way.

Have you had such encounters with yourself? I’d love to hear about them.

10 thoughts on “Promise”

  1. Happy birthday!! And like you, there are others who are also trying to find meaning in life beyond a job. Hope you follow your passions before many others and lead the way for them. ❤️

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  2. I guess I’m wishing late. But Happy Birthday!!! And yeah it’s so strange that it happens with me too. One fine day, I decide what I want from life and how I want to improve it and in a month I fall back to the usual same cycle. But I try my best to keep up as well.


  3. Obviously, Belated Happy Birthday !!
    You are definitely not the only one trying to make a change in your schedule. Each of us at some point have tried and failed. But few succeeded too. (To be very frank initially I was envious of those) But then there was a pattern of perseverance. Keep trying.
    I hope by your next B’day the promise you did to yourself will be at least partially fulfilled, because it is never easy to move out of a zone you are engaged in.


  4. Happens to many of us who are high on passion and love to think.. 😉 Do work on the lines of how you can incorporate your passion into your everyday work and that ‘work’ , ‘life’ and ‘passion’ are not three different things but one path that is your ‘Journey’..after all …the JOY is in the ‘JOurneY’…Belated birthday wishes and a great year ahead of finding all that matters to you in life! 🙂

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