For everyone

Explanation in English is below

Ek din? Do din? Chaar din?
Phir kya hai bhool jaana hai.

Hamari Ammi ek kahawat aksar kaha karti hai:
Aaj maro kal doosra din

Yeh sunne ko jab milta jab kisi ka inteqaal hojata. Log janaze main aate, murde ko dafan karte, khana khate aur chale jaate. Agla din thoda dheeme chalta par teesre din tak sab apne apne raaste.


If I were to sum things up that I’ve written above then it would be:

You will be forgotten, sooner than you think.

Now, I know that won’t be the case with everyone but then again this would be the case with most of us.



21 thoughts on “For everyone”

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  1. But you won’t be as easily forgotten if you leave some positive impact.. this made me think of this Kuwaiti man here who died some two years ago. He was the founder of “direct aid” here in Kuwait.
    When he was young he didn’t have much money but he began to help people around Kuwait that worked for extremely low wages and had to walk to their work places in the heat by giving them free transportation. Later he even built many many mosques and schools in Africa. His organisation grew so much, you should research this guy. Right now here collecting donations to build wells in Africa. His sons take care of that org. now.
    This man’s name was Abdulrehman Sumait.
    Everyone remembers him here. He’s what you would call the Kuwaiti hero.
    And his work goes on.
    When you read his story, it makes you realise that all you need is intention.
    Literally he didn’t have enough money to even buy one car for himself. Butbhis friends and him got together and collected ten ten KWD each and bought the first car so they could help the mazdoor travel in ease.
    I can’t get over such stories you know. They’re endlessly inspiring.

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    1. I agree with you on this one 100%.

      Yes, there are people who look beyond themselves and they are remember for the good that they do. Two years and you are telling me his story, there will be people reading this. He lives even now.

      My post was also a satire on how we (including me) tend to do things which might not really amount to anything. A long topic to discuss.

      I am gonna research about the Gentleman.

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      1. I know right. That’s what I’ve been thinking about too. I got reminded of him cause my dad’s friend works at that organisation and he’d been so busy this Ramadan collecting funds for this wells waala project that he didn’t have time to go home and sleep even. And MashaAllah their servers crashed from how many donations kept coming in. They collected over 2 million dinaars in a day. SubhanAllah.
        All it takes is a good intention. And Allah puts barakah in it on a scale you could never even have imagined would exist.
        That’s when I began to think.. what do I do??
        Matlab there are people like these and it amounts to something. They leave behind mosques were Allah’s name is mentioned and salah is established. They leave behind children they helped educate. They leave behind men and women that used to walk hours to get clean water to suffice their need with a sigh of relief every time they think there is a well in our village now.
        May Allah preserve this man always.
        And I really hope and pray we play our parts in this world too.

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      2. Yes I made it private back in February..
        I was having some.. turmoil going on deep inside.
        Anyway, I didn’t wanna delete it but I also didn’t want to display it anymore…
        I did make a new blog about 2 weeks ago I think, but havnt uploaded anything yet as I wanted to upload after my exams.
        It’s called

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      1. Oh please don’t refer to me as sir, I’m younger than you, probably. Yes I was a person who lacked it once. But a few things happened around in my life, now I’ve just learnt from it.


      2. In that case, I will call you a brother.

        I am glad to know that you’ve had that insight and you finally take life in moderation.

        Keep sharing your experiences in conversations.


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