If today was like yesterday then I’d have slept already. But then I would be waking up around 3:30am with high fever. I’d get myself up and check my temperature which would definitely be over 102.

I’d then proceed to have a bite and then pop a tablet of Crocin. The next hour would then be all about trying to sleep and getting rid of the terrible headache.

Today, I checked my temperature before going to bed and popped a Crocin. Hoping that I would sleep peacefully.

Guess what? I’ve been trying but can’t get myself to sleep. Also, I don’t wish to wake up at 3:30 am with you know what.

How are you guys and girls holding up? Also,I’ll try again.

11 thoughts on “Crocin”

  1. Hey! Come on. Get well soon. It’s my birthday today. You wish me a happy birthday and I’ll wish you get well soon. 😉

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  2. Or maybe you should have just avoided thinking about getting up at 3:30 AM. That way, I believe you would have slept better!


    1. Ummm, nope. Actually that wasn’t the thought process.

      I couldn’t sleep and the tablet was doing its work so I thought of writing something.

      It is pretty odd that our minds work best when we least expect them to be (or not).


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