Hey there!

I know for a fact that people who would really visit the blog won’t remember me or my writing anymore. To be very honest, my skills of conjuring things up has declined.

I have had no motivation to do things that I once liked or loved to do but hey I am trying to sort things out. This is where I am calling out to you again. If you have been on the blog before then do say HELLO and if this is the first time then please say HELLO, because I love talking.

I am promising myself to write something at least twice a week and then increasing the frequency eventually. Do share your best post so I can get myself up to speed as well.

No kidding, I was gonna write Best and then Jafar in the end. This is because I do that with emails. Gotta draw a line now.

Good day!

12 thoughts on “Hey there!”

  1. Hello. Good to know you’re back but to be fair it’s ok to take time off sometimes. Unwind and experience life with everything it’s throwing at us. And wow, two times a week is already more than I do, so in my eyes you’re already winning. Good luck.


  2. Well yeah I guess getting stuck in a rut for a while can do no harm…..in fact taking some timeout is Good! Also hhhhiiiiiiiiiii ! 😁😁


  3. Hello! I’ve nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award. Please do check out my recent post for more information. Would love to know your answers.


  4. Hello there. I am visiting your blog for the first time and found it amazing. I write in hemendrapatar.com.
    And never be demotivated to write because the writing itself is motivating.


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