woh kabhi kabhi
hota hai na
ki sab cheeze reh  
si jati hai

jaise yeh train
station se nikal rahi hai
sab kuch peeche chodte hue

andar ka mahaul kuch hai
aur bahar ka kuch

Agar aapne socha yeh ek poem hai toh aap shayad galat hai, yeh kuch bikhre hue khayal the mere socha yaha likh dun

Kaise hai aap sab?

11 thoughts on “Safar”

  1. Everyday I visit your blog to see if there is any new post posted. Been through some of your writeups and I am so amazed that even a simple thing in life, even a simple moment is written down so beautifully by you. And I am always the one who keeps thinking what to write today, and you make every little thing a thought to write… Its inspiring. 🙂

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    1. It takes time, there have incidences when I couldn’t write for months. Went without writing anything for as long as 11-12 months.

      Keep reading, keep observing and keep loving life. Sooner or later you’ll have something to write upon.

      I am thankful to you for being a regular reader.

      Liked by 2 people

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