Sliced Apples

Thoughts of a Crooked Mind

Warning: This is not a fiction.

I was standing and reading my book in the metro while a fellow traveler who happened to have a seat was eating his apples. Now the apples were sliced and were nicely placed in the little round container. He was munching on them and occasionally offered them to his friends as well. The box came into my sight a few times, as the train moved and so did my book and the apples would come into sight.

I all of a sudden had this thought, a funny one I should mention. The thought was what if I pick one of the slice from the box very discreetly, would that guy even notice? I mean he was busy talking. And then I laughed to myself and wrote the incident down.

If that guy or someone from the group is reading, then next time please offer…

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Dil na-umid To nahin nakaam Hi toh hai, Lambi hai gham ki shaam Magar shaam hi toh hai     -Faiz Ahmad Faiz (calligraphed by me)


Interiors of Maruti Suzuki Swift (click here for HQ version)

Your kind of Monday 

Hey there, today is Monday and I'm ready to leave for work. You see Mondays are usually disliked by people around the world. This could be because the work starts again, a lot of us go back to the same old routine, that same familiar route, and the same desk. The desk where you would… Continue reading Your kind of Monday 

Garmi ka ek din

Hello again. I recently invested in a diary and now my aim is to put it to a good use. Today, I wrote a short story and a sher. Now you will have to wait for the sher because this post will have the story. Read it and let me know your views. 🙂