Feeling short?

Update : I’m actually standing near giants. Yes, I’ve never felt this short all my life. The guy on my right is at least 6’4 (he is touching the metro ceiling), the one in front of me must be around 6’3 and then I looked around and there are at least 7 individuals who are either 6 feet tall or even more.

And I must be close to 5’5. I know life isn’t fair.

Also should I ask?- How’s the weather up there?

6 thoughts on “Feeling short?”

  1. Lol I’m somewhere between 5’6 and 5’7. Hence I’m always used to being the tall one among girls and usually almost the same height to men.
    But there was a time I was going to work and the whole elevator was filled with men who were above 6 ft. tall. And that’s when I learnt the first time what it feels like to be short.

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