I have been thinking of taking a long exposure photograph from a foot over bridge for quite some time. Today I just happen to be near one of such bridge and I managed to capture this, not my best attempt but an attempt nevertheless.


Also made a short time-lapse video of being stuck in traffic. See here.


5 thoughts on “Delhi”

  1. It’s fantastic! Did you also capture a coloured version? ‘Cause red taillights and yellow headlamps look awesome in timelapses.

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    1. Oops! I meant to type long exposure but typed timelapses. Well, you understood anyway, right?


    2. Yes, I clicked a coloured version. I always click colour and later convert them to B&W.

      And the coloured one had much noise so didn’t share it here.

      Also, I understood what you meant. Thanks 🙂

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