Issue that needs attention

Isn’t it amazing to see so many people opening up on those youtube videos that talk about depression?  A lot of people describe their experience in the comments and some people are able to relate to it. On the very same video, you will find some comments that are hard to understand and a few people say that it’s something made up and depression doesn’t really exist. Basically, you see a large amount of variation there and imagine that happening in real life, imagine people around you being that ignorant. The worst would be you and I being that ignorant about other people’s life and their issues.

What if we all could stop being ignorant (doesn’t happen right away) and start treating each other with respect and no I am not only talking about men respecting women or vice versa but what I am talking about is different. Now, I might know next to nothing about depression, anxiety or stress but it is something that can hit anyone and at any age. There is no particular age or gender, it can happen to children, males, females and even to animals.

What is the new culture that we are forming and supporting where making fun of someone is considered great, laughing at the expense of someone else is considered great? I might have indulged myself in that kind of behavior but then again I have been treated the same way numerous times. I know it doesn’t allow me or anyone else to do the similar thing but that is what we have been encouraging for so long that we have started accepting it something which is very normal. That is sad, very sad.

What we need now is the maturity to understand that this is a serious issue and we need to move beyond our beliefs that depression is just sadness. We need to educate ourselves, our parents, our friends and everyone around us and erase the stigma that surrounds this issue. It is okay to be depressed and it is completely okay to seek help for it.

If you know someone who has been depressed then realize that it is an issue that needs attention. There are these two foundations that I found, you can visit the websites and even refer people to it.

Remember we help each other.

8 thoughts on “Issue that needs attention”

  1. Very well written and thoughtful. An issue that is avoided and to be criticized as humorous. An issue that is so much related to our psychological and physical health. The dilemma is that we are living in a world where by freedom we means the need of space to be given, we do not understand that what we need is a closed, honest and loving relationship. This is what humanity is.
    I just loved that you have raised a point on the issue of depression. Very much relevant to current contemporary societies.

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    1. Our ways of thinking are different and we believe this is something not real and the worst thing is that most consider this as fake/humorous.

      Honest, respectful relationships are hard to find. Short flings, casual hook-ups are in the trend. What other is in trend is pretending that it is okay, it is cool and we do not get hurt and we do not care. Our lives are on social media with happy smiling faces projected for the world to see.

      Are we being real anymore? Is anyone willing to listen to the ones sitting right besides them? Or is it more important for you to be talking to someone over a chat/phone? The saddest part is we all just carry on motivated by the competition and the need of owning the best.

      I value your inputs, thanks a lot for sharing your views here.

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      1. You are right. Today, we don’t value heart. We only give value to fake words and expressions. I wish, may we become able to understand the value of truth and honesty in our lives. Ameen

        Thank you for accepting my view.

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  2. According to me not just depression but overall concept of mental health needs lot of awareness. I myself had Pediophobia(phobia of dolls) in my childhood. But, there was no one to talk about it because it didn’t exist for them. According to them it was just a stupid fear!!! So, frankly speaking issues like these minor phobias and some ocds also need lot of attention and awareness and that’s why I said not just depression but the whole concept of mental health needs lot awareness .

    By the way following is the link to the article in which I particularly wrote about depression.

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    1. I completely agree with you and believe that a wider approach is required for the mental health issues. The reason I focused more on depression was due to the fact that the chances of someone committing suicide or self harm activities is usually higher. One might be surprised to know but the chances of men committing suicide due to depression is higher.

      You might have been called weird or something for not liking dolls because of our culture and our beliefs associate dolls with girls/females. This exchange of opinions between us is how we start dealing with these issues, this is how we become aware of it.

      Also, I read your post and liked it. Request you to share more. Thanks a lot for writing this comment.

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