Comic #3, Return of the Awkward Man

So when you have this desire to make comics but no drawing skills, what do you do?
Most people give up, they give up their dream of making comics. I had given up too until I thought let’s make them on devices like mobiles/computers and let’s make them stupid. Let’s not care about how weird and incomplete they look, just put them out there and let people see. Some will like, some will laugh, some will be like this guy should never do this.

So, I made and posted them here last year in December and the response was good/positive. So I made one again.

Here it is, the return of the Awkward Man. Check Comic #1 and Comic #2 ( don’t worry, the pages will open in new tab).

The Awkward Man enters the frame and does not notice you
The Awkward Man does something that is really awkward
The Awkward Man realized how awkward he is and rushes out

Let me know how if you any opinions/suggestions/comments/anything?


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