Septoplasty Surgery – After One Month

Last month on the same date I went under the surgery called Septoplasty. The surgery is done to correct the deviated nasal septum and due to which I wasn’t able to breathe neither properly nor freely.

On day two and day three I told myself that I should have never gone for this surgery and I had my reasons then. Believe me those reasons looked solid but I couldn’t go back and change what had happened, I had undergone a surgery and there I was on the bed with a bleeding nose and an aching body. And yeah doctor removed a six inch long bone from my nose.

But after a month now, I think the surgery was actually needed, it has significantly improved my breathing, although I still need to fully recover. If you are here reading this post then I  believe there are high chances that you will be going for the surgery anytime soon or you have gone and are looking for some answers.

After losing some strength, I joined work after the second week and started getting back on the normal schedule. I thought of not sharing the whole thing because it was gross and also lists down the part where I started bleeding through the nose. I continue to recover and my next appointment is on Saturday, where doctor is going to check my nose and tell me how good it is recovering.

Also, now when I see the nose I realize that it was really crooked and I needed the surgery.

I have actually skipped a 1000 word experience I wrote.

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