Point Blank

He pointed a gun at me
And looked me in the eye
His hands trembling
But a strange determination 
On his face

I could see the hate
And pain in his eyes
I very well knew
What had triggered 
This and who was 
To be blamed

As I stood there
In front of the barrel
Very near to my end
I thought of the ways
To lie once more
And make a promise
That I won’t keep

And then 
Before I knew
He pulled the trigger
And I was dead!


-Jafar Rehman

Death is a fasinating subject and I like how it affects people, it invokes fear, pain, regrets. I will die one day and so will you, but the question I ask is are we going to die after we have lived the life we wanted or the life we never wanted in the first place.

Okay, this is where I stop asking you the stupid questions. Hope you liked what I wrote! Let me know anyway.

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