Where are you from?

How many people are from Delhi or NCR?

31 thoughts on “Where are you from?”

      1. Haha yup 😉
        But I guess we’re like the neighbor’s that trouble each other a lot. 😛
        Oh all the laws and restrictions on expats are awful. They strip us of the most basic rights. 🙄


      2. I don’t work. I’m studying. I can’t work with a student visa. It’s against the law.
        Nor can I work with family visa.
        The laws make you entirely dependent on what little wages your expat dad earns.
        Kuwait sucks big time.
        So do most of all the gulf countries as a matter of fact. They all exploit expats. There are many other laws here that make zero sense. It’s all so that they can “put us in our place” and remind us that we are entirely dependent on what little the government allows us to do.
        They keep adding taxes and keep increasing rents and fines and keep decreasing our salaries.
        An average family man earn only around 500 dinars per month and 300 dinars is simply the rent of a one bedroom hall apartment. Then there’s 80 dinars for groceries and personal expenses. There’s bills too. Educating children becomes jihad fi sabeelillah
        You won’t believe how many expats here earn only 300 dinars per month even with an engineer’s degree. The fact that they have remained well and alive with their family is purely a miracle. CAUSE HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU MANAGING TO EDUCATE YOUR KIDS WITH SUCH LITTLE MONEY REMAINING AFTER ALL THE GROCERIES AND BILLS AND RENTS PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRET IT MIGHT HELP A BUNCH OF OTHER POOR EXPAT BROTHERS!
        Plus now there are new laws regarding our access to medical sustenance. They don’t even care about our health anymore.

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      3. Oh ha btw, on a personal level, im a good neighbor okay?
        The government of both countries are the ones that keep fueling it. :/
        I like Indians. Most of my schooling was in an Indian convent school. Until eight grade. I stopped after that cause CBSE board exams were of no use to me if I ever had to go back to Pakistan.
        But yeah. I’ve ended up with a majority of Indian friends and I have endless respect for them and their families.

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      4. That indeed is low. Things will get better.
        Yes you are a good neighbor and believe me I am not going to judge you. You studied in India? What city? I am glad you think highly of us. 🙂

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