Point Blank

He pointed a gun at me And looked me in the eye His hands trembling But a strange determination  On his face I could see the hate And pain in his eyes I very well knew What had triggered  This and who was  To be blamed As I stood there In front of the barrel Very… Continue reading Point Blank

Ahead- Photo Post

Took this photograph while I went out for a walk after working for almost all day. Just took my camera before leaving and made this image. This photo was very well received on 500px and reached Popular in under 15 minutes. Taken with Nikon 50mm f1.8G mounted on Nikon D3200. For HD version, see it on… Continue reading Ahead- Photo Post


Can't live without them! HD Version

Through the lanes

He put his head down A little tired But its still early And there is lot to do But on closing his eyes He travels to a time And experiences A memory from the past The days when He dreamt and believed And laughed and lived Suddenly he opens his eyes And stare at the… Continue reading Through the lanes

Long time

It's been a long time and I haven't posted anything on the blog besides a couple of photographs (well this one will have a photograph as well) and I don't know how many readers and bloggers I've lost here. Gone are the days when I would post the poetry and I'd write and post fiction.… Continue reading Long time

No face!- Photo Post

I am trying something different now. I am going to take photographs of life forms but without their faces or eyes and these two photographs came out pretty nice. The lens used here is Tamron 70-300mm mounted on Nikon D3200. I upload HD versions of all the photographs on 500px. You can even buy them… Continue reading No face!- Photo Post

There you go- Photo Post

You talk about LOVE? This is love( the thing in the photograph)! C'mon you agree with me?

Leap and the net will appear

I've been practicing to write better.

Where are you from?

How many people are from Delhi or NCR?

Title of the blog

This has to be the most random post on this blog. By the way I wrote this. 😀