Welcoming 2016

People(mostly kids) shouted somewhere along the street when the clock struck 12. To me it is like any other day, me planning to go and sleep after shutting down my laptop.
But I thought I will come here and maybe write a thank you note. Or just say something and finally wish you all luck for the next year 2016.

Anyway, I just thought of something that I should do in 2016

1. Take more pictures
2. Smile more
3. Read more
4. Interact more
5. Laugh more
6. Talk more?
7. Okay seriously I am out of ideas

But being a better person is one thing I should really focus on.

I don’t make resolutions but there is no harm. You have some?

I forgot – thank you and all the luck for 2016. 😀

13 thoughts on “Welcoming 2016”

  1. Have a good year, Rehman.
    I don’t have “resolutions”.
    I make em every other day, so I’m somewhat same.
    No special celebrations.
    Just a normal day 🙂

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    1. Hello Hiba,
      Well I just quickly thought of those resolutions. The only think I’ll focus on is to be better and to be happy. 🙂
      And I am sitting in that very normal posture like any other day. Just a normal day.
      In some minutes I’m gonna switch off everything and sleep. 🙂

      Have great days ahead is the better thing to say?

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