The Joy of Being Photographed

Thoughts of a Crooked Mind

Being photographed isn’t much of a deal these days.But for those who haven’t been photographed,it’s a pure joy and happiness.I happen to meet two young boys and was lucky enough to make them happy for a day or two by simply photographing them.
I wanted to go out and photograph some landscape,so I called my friend and we were out,and let me point out that photography at that time was my new hobby and I was pretty excited to capture anything and everything I could.I ended up near a small river and started clicking photographs when two boys around 11 or 12 in age came to me with confused looks.
They were intrigued by the camera in my hand,they had never seen one before in their life.I asked them several questions and it turns out they were the in-charge of taking their buffaloes to the river,I asked them their name…

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Stroke of Midnight

 DAILY PROMPT Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else? ________________________________________  I could have been anywhere last night, in a different city with different people but I wasn't. At right 12 I heard someone shouting in the street and if you read my post last night then you… Continue reading Stroke of Midnight

Welcoming 2016

People(mostly kids) shouted somewhere along the street when the clock struck 12. To me it is like any other day, me planning to go and sleep after shutting down my laptop. But I thought I will come here and maybe write a thank you note. Or just say something and finally wish you all luck for… Continue reading Welcoming 2016