This is BMW 5 series.

21 thoughts on “BMW”

      1. I don’t know much about BMW models. But they have this typical tail light style.


      1. BMW G30 is a part of 5 series.

        Yes, I am. I am crazy about cars ! Though not much into BMWs and Mercs.


      2. Yes, it is the one which is going to be launched in 2017!

        I like more of Maserati , Ferrari , Hennessey Venom and other sports cars .

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      3. Well… If you want me to name them then here you go…
        Pagani Zonda C12 S 7.3, Porsche 911 (996 Series GT3),Lotus Elise Series 2,Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari f40, Porsche Carrera GT and McLaren650s spider are few of the cars which I like.

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