Wake up?


For sometime I have only been posting photographs and the last one I posted was on 1st of November.  There are reasons for the delays but we are not getting into that right now, pulling  your attention on something else- I’ve been scribbling things on pieces of paper whenever I get inspiration and horror and mysteries are the things I wrote. I will post them sometime soon, maybe during the diwali break. For now, I am attaching the photograph I took a few days ago.
Hope you’ll are doing great. I’ve missed blogging. Sorry if you find the photograph over edited. I’ll attach the original version here. Thanks for reading till here.  🙂
Stay Awesome.


8 thoughts on “Wake up?”

      1. Glad to know it.
        We have some sort of confusion with weather here. It is supposed to be cold by now, but one day it feels cold and then another day it’s warm.
        I’d love to see some snow, have never seen it.

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      2. We had the same confusion here too but now it’s cold 😦 Maybe I will write a blog for my international followers who have never seen snow before when we are almost buried in it here in January/February 🙂 It’s definitely beautiful though. 🙂

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