Starlight Blogger Award – 2nd

Aren’t awards the best way to show appreciation? They are simple and don’t take much time and also give you some idea of the blogger who’s answering it.Thank you very much Mariah for nominating me in the list. I wonder how did I make it this far.
I’ve done a post on this award in the past, but the questions Miss Mariah(Her Blog) this time decided to select me and also asked some questions. So here I go with my answers, if you have anything to add then please do so.

The rules and everything is in my other post, I’ll include the link in the end.


Q1) Who has been a Starlight in your life?
– A lot of people actually. I also have some trouble understanding this question, probably because it can be answered in many ways.

Q2)What is that emotion you will never want to be without?
– A hard one again. I value emotions over many things and we(humans) wouldn’t be the same without it. Look we are getting hard and we don’t value emotions, life has lost the value. Emotions makes us humans.

Q3)If you had a chance for a β€œdo-over” in life, what would you do differently?
– Probably read more, speak more, participate more, connect more and LIVE MORE( and the list goes one, but there is no repeat mode).

Q4)If you could keep only five possessions, what would they be?
– I am not very attached to things but yes I’d definetely keep my camera.

Q5) If you ever had to describe yourself in one word.. What would it be?
– AWESOME might be the word, Just kidding. But I’ve never thought about it. The closest word would be Different( READ – I am Different).

I’d like to thank Mariah and never thought that she would award me some day. Thank you, this is a genuine one.
The reasons I love replying to these posts are –
a. The questions asked are really interesting and in most cases are also a conversation starter.
b. They mean the one who selected you reads and likes your work.
c. I get to show off. Oh yeah!

This is the link to the previous award(same one). You should probably go there and read it.

Hope you enjoyed it.

P.S .You are nominated. Start replying. Take questions from my other post. Thank you.

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