Ankhon Dekhi – Thoughts about movie.

There is a movie called Ankhon Dekhi in Indian cinema and it is one of those movies which gets released but don’t get spotlight. There are several reasons for that but let’s not focus on that in this post. I warn you at this stage because this contains spoiler, text in block letters is spoiler.

The lead actor in the end jumps of the cliff and is flying, at first he is scared and shouts but then he is silent and he embraces it, he is flying. I loved that scene due to a million reasons. I am out of words and can’t explain it. Maybe I really need to see the movie again when I get time.

Okay,so I wish there were more movies like this in Indian cinema. It is a good movie and I’d recommend you to see it. Also tell me your recommendations.
This is a casual post, from now on I’ll make some proper posts on the same topic.

2 thoughts on “Ankhon Dekhi – Thoughts about movie.”

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