Vintage – Photo Post

I felt sad on seeing this car in this bad condition. Never mind. Taken somewhere from a mobile camera,more photos will appear in a day or two. P.S. There are more murder mysteries/thrillers coming very soon. And this is a scheduled post, hope it gets published at the right time.

His Guilt – Short Story

He sat near his window staring into the dark night and thought about what he had done. Something had gotten into him and it all happened very fast. Now the night and the darkness did not scare him like they used to, the monsters that chased him weren't there anymore but he was afraid, he… Continue reading His Guilt – Short Story

Starlight Blogger Award – 2nd

Aren't awards the best way to show appreciation? They are simple and don't take much time and also give you some idea of the blogger who's answering it.Thank you very much Mariah for nominating me in the list. I wonder how did I make it this far. I've done a post on this award in… Continue reading Starlight Blogger Award – 2nd

From the corner – Photo Post.

"When you don't have words to express what you want to say,upload a picture." Okay nobody said that, I just invented this quote(if you can call it a quote). Or you can laugh out loud. Your call. HD version will be uploaded on 500px.

Dark Alley – Photo Post

Titled – The Dark Alley. Clicked in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India Click here to view my gallery on 500px.

Awards – Liebster & Infinity Dreams.

Well,I am again nominated for a blog award by a fellow blogger called Miss Nimmi and I also have a pending award nomination by Miss Jennifer Juneau. I have been inactive for a while and did not hope for any award but here I am making a post about it. I accept both the awards… Continue reading Awards – Liebster & Infinity Dreams.

Take me to the moon – D.P

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Take Me to the Moon." How far would you go for someone you love? How far would you want someone else to go for you? This is indeed a great question but sadly it is also the one that can't be answered no matter how much you try. You see love… Continue reading Take me to the moon – D.P

Ankhon Dekhi – Thoughts about movie.

There is a movie called Ankhon Dekhi in Indian cinema and it is one of those movies which gets released but don't get spotlight. There are several reasons for that but let's not focus on that in this post. I warn you at this stage because this contains spoiler, text in block letters is spoiler.… Continue reading Ankhon Dekhi – Thoughts about movie.

The bridge

So there I was Standing under the bridge And a million cars passed by Hello Everyone, how are you? I have received an award and I am soon gonna make a post. 🙂 Due to some reasons I have also been unable to read posts by other bloggers.

First Crush – Daily Prompt

First Crush Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again? My first childhood crush? Wait let me think....umm there have been too many and I can't seem to remember who was the first one. But if I ever met her again I would tell her… Continue reading First Crush – Daily Prompt