Last Memory


I have a faded memory of her.We on the beach,she is walking on the sea shore,waves gently kissing her feet.I can’t see her clearly as the sun shines in my eyes but I am happy because she is happy.I have tears in my eyes because this is my only memory of her,it gives me joy and pain.This is the only relation I have with her now,my last memory.All I know is that she is no more and happiness is gone along with her.
                                                                  -Jafar Rehman.

P.S – After reading this some people might have some questions for me,so bring them all and I’ll answer. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Last Memory

  1. I loved the piece but the PS part made me check the comments, Nobody asked anything! So I’ll ask one, What questions you were expecting?
    And I hope it was not inspired by any real life experience, If it was, I’ll be even more sad about the post.
    P.S Love the handwriting. =)

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