Mother’s Love

This post might be emotional for some but what I saw was sure something that would make you think and praise the most wonderful thing in this world,that is mother.Now it is very well known that no one can love you as much as your mother but what I saw today was a pure depiction of that.
I was on my way to a place in a bus and it stopped to pick up other people and there enters a woman with two children,one nearly of age 10 and other child in her hands,clinging to her.I thought that she might be ill,but as she sits I realize the child in her lap isn’t ill but is a different one,I think she had autism,maybe?I am not aware but it might be autism.The child had no control of her body and she just clinged to her mother and I was sure she was 10 or even older but acted like a very small child.
Now the mother was aware that I had seen her and she was a little insecure and thought I would react and show disgust but I did nothing of that sort,this wasn’t the first time I had seen someone.I have previously interacted with a child and realized all they need is attention and some patience.Anyway next I see is that the mother is talking to her disable child and cleaning her mouth.What a lovely sight,her disability did not change her(mother’s) love.Mothers indeed love unconditionally.
And then I went away hoping that things will turn out right for her and the child would have her mother for as long as possible because who would give her the love and attention she deserves.
The main reason of this post is to tell you all this incident I had and also to raise some awareness.Anyone here knows about this disease?Please enlighten me about it.Thank you.

P.S – The other girl was cute and she kept staring at me.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Love”

  1. I am actually working with awareness about mental illness in students and kids
    And yes since I was a psychology student and I still am interested in knowing about all these things so yes I do know what it is and autism is all about

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