Life – Photo Post

Most of the people in our country which is India are poor.Some cannot afford cars,bikes and some cannot even afford to get on to a vehicle and go from one place to another.Now I don’t know the story behind this photograph but there are so many possibilities.What I saw was,this family was crossing the road when I took the photograph,I just randomly took it while I waited for the lights to turn green.On seeing it on laptop I realized this was a good capture.This defines a certain part of life to me.


About the photograph 
Date- 23/July/2015
Location – NCR
Camera-NIKON D3200
Lens-18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
Focal Length-55mm
Shutter Speed-1/250 s
Category -Street

See it in HD on 500px.

11 thoughts on “Life – Photo Post”

  1. The little boy holding his father’s hands and the lady carrying a child and the other carrying loads and the man staring at you and the person at the stall waiting for any customer.. everyone has a different story.. All i can say is..

    Nice Click!

    And yes, you should go for the street photography.

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