Crazed Fan – A short story

It was a normal day for me and I was about to leave for work.As usual I switched on the television to catch the news while I had my breakfast.On the news a bookstore
was being shown and the news said “Serial Book Theif”,nabbed with over 10 books in his car of the author called ‘Jafar Rehman’,who has written two bestsellers.I
dropped my toast and gasped on seeing the news and my first thought was who would steal from a bookstore?People hardly read these days and who did mostly went to
libararies.Then I realized that they had found only my books in his car.Then the camera shifted and took it’s viewers to the man who had been caught in the act and
they asked him some questions.

Reporter- Why did you break into a bookstore and stole only the books of the author ‘Jafar Rehman’?

Man – I don’t know,it was random and I needed some book.Couldn’t buy them becuase had no money.On being caught realised that I had all the books by the same

Reporter- It is hard to believe,all the books written by him do not belong to same genre.From so many books in the store you managed to get your hands on only

Man – Hesitates and says it wasn’t a mistake.

Reporter – What then?You like what he writes?

Man – Yes,but I want to be his best friend.

The policemen took the man away and the camera shifted to the reporter once again and he summarised the incident.The news continued and I sat there shocked and
wondering what had happened.This was indeed a peculiar way to become someone’s best friend.I thought of going to meet him in the police station but was advised against
it by my friends and family.They said it must be someone crazy and acting weird.Get used it.
I did not get used to it and now it has been a while but I still wonder who was it,who was that crazy fan?Was it you?

Prompt taken from here.
If it doesn’t make sense,then please do not worry.I wrote it in haste. 😀

24 thoughts on “Crazed Fan – A short story”

      1. i would be more of scared but at the same time would be inquisitive to know who it is.


  1. You know what I saw this movie “Fan” last night and I found it pretty much similar to your story.

    Well… That also makes me wonder why don’t you do some scriptwriting for movies ???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh well that is an amazing coincidence. I wrote this back in July of last year (2015).
      And I am doing bit of writing but would love to do what you suggested. Leads are appreciated, Mariah 😉
      One more thing, did you like my story?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know it’s an amazing coincidence when i was watching that movie, I was feeling as if have read it and then I realised that I have read this similar story written by you.
        Well, I know my suggestion is good :p
        Frankly speaking I really liked your story beacuse it left me wondering with that”what if” factor… So I really liked it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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