Thank you note!

I was checking my email and replying to the comments on my latest post and I saw the date 23/July/2015.
This is the date when I started blogging in the year 2014.So,I have completed one year of blogging,though I registered here in 2011.Anyway,here is my first post,read here.

Right now I have some very amazing bloggers and readers who like my work and are interested in whatever I have to say.During the year I got nominated by several bloggers for blogger awards and I was also chosen in a list of TOP 15 PERSONAL BLOGS IN INDIA,I made a post on it.This wouldn’t have been possible if people here didn’t support me.
So,thank you very much and like I said this blog is like an adventure and I need you so it continues.
I have learnt and been exposed to amazing talent via blogging.We blog therefore we are(I read this somewhere,credits due).


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