Song #1 – Playlist

Lips Of An Angel by Hinder is one of my favorite songs.I used to listen to it on repeat mode when I was in school.I used to dim the lightning in my room and lie down on the bed and just stare endlessly.This song brings back memories. This song brings back the time when I… Continue reading Song #1 – Playlist

Starlight Blogger Award – Yohooo!

Hey there!This is the season of blog awards because of the awards I'm getting these days.I before in my life have never been appreciated like now.Funny thing is I always doubt it and wonder if I deserve to get these titles.But you all can't be wrong and I can't always be right.So yeah thank you… Continue reading Starlight Blogger Award – Yohooo!

The moon landing inspired me to become an astronaut

A piece worth reading. Boundaries and borders are man made.