Forest and Wolves – A very short story

He opened his eyes realizing he wasn’t able to move.He tried real hard but he knew as it had happened before.What caused it again was the question.He had been seeing a bad dream and last thing he remembered was that he was running through the forest with two wolves behind him.
His heart was beating real fast and it would rip his chest and pop out anytime.He couldn’t remember how he got there in the forest but it seemed that he had been there before and those wolves had been chasing him for a long time.
He now tried lifting his hand and it responded to his command.The episode of sleep paralysis was gone now but he was left with a million questions now.What did his dream meant and how come the forest looked familiar?


A little note that I’d like to add.
I include the photographs of my handwriting because I believe pen and paper have personal touch.I can’t personally go around show each one of you wonderful people what I wrote.
So instead I just put a photograph here.Also talking about my handwriting,some of you really like it and compliment it.I have worked in it for more than 6 years.I appreciate your comments and it makes me want to write even better.Thank you. 🙂
Hope you enjoyed what I wrote.Leave me your comments.

4 thoughts on “Forest and Wolves – A very short story”

  1. Slow down. Good concepts, like yours here, need time to unfold. An example comes at your opening sentence. Break it in two. The way it is, is incorrect. It’s a dangling modifer. You have several here. Break your sentences up and you will remedy this.


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