Moonless Night – Part 2 Complete story.

Hello,I wrote a short story last night and many of you here liked it and wanted to know how it ended.I haven’t written an ending yet but I had a comment where a blogger name Janice Collins, a fan of horror ,mystery,thriller like myself tried to complete it. Her response was amazing and I think that completes the story.She managed to make it more interesting and gave it a few more twists and turns it really deserved. I am writing the text version below the screenshot of the reply she made. First Part of the story. –

A plain road ahead and a moonless night.You couldn’t go back to your house because someone there is waiting with a knife.You had no telephones because you wanted a peaceful life.Little did you know that far from this city lived a maniac who always had a knife.A plain road ahead and a moonless night.You decide to move ahead into the dark with nothing but your baseball bat.You walked and walked with a hope for sunrise in your heart.Hours had passed but night only got dark.You stopped and looked back at your lonely house but there was nothing to be seen in the dark.Somebody moved in the dark and a dog howled somewhere far.You froze there in the dark.You checked your pockets and touched yourself only to realize you didn’t had anything at all.You were now sure that there was someone in those bushes and he was hiding in plain sight,could it be the same man with the knife?

blog replyStory continued. ….

By Janice- He tries to approach the shadow thing in the bush he finds out it’s a corpse of a young man gutted with a sharp knife and his heart almost jumps out of his chest. He tries to run away as far as possible and he reaches a warehouse where he hides. He’s exhausted from fear and running, he passes out. When he wakes up he’s not him but he’s the man with the knife and the baseball bat was the knife and the killing spree goes on.

                                                              The End.

Thank You Janice Collins for the contribution.
Her Blog –

Note – I am open to contributions like this in the future. 🙂

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