The Creative Blogger Award

Hello,I hope you all are great and having a great time.While you were having a good time,I got nominated for another award by  Miss Janice Collins of the blog titled “The Ugly Duckling’s Life“.I like her blog because she talks about a lot of things and she also talks about suicide prevention and depression which makes her amazing.But I often wonder about her blog name but yes I respect it.But hey Janice,c’mon?A friendly suggestion.


She thinks I’m creative and I too think I’m creative.So thank you for this one.

RULES.I mean let me skip the rules for this one.Please! 😀
But a most for this award is to list 5 Random fact about me.I’ll list them.

1. When it comes to me,I go blank.I can’t define myself,can’t tell you what I want.Either I’m complicated or…?
2. I love socializing and talking to people.It’s one thing I can’t live without.
3. I am not a morning person.
4. People here think I’m in school.Haha!I am in college and about to complete it.Surprised?Let me know.
5. I am a secretive person.I won’t talk about me but I’ll listen to you and will honestly try to solve your problems.Give that a    try.

Thanks for reading. 😀
You are nominated for this one,please accept and make a post.

10 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award”

  1. Yay.! You completed 4 out of 5 facts. 5th one doesn’t count.
    Thank you for lovely words. I will take your friendly advice under consideration. I have talked about my reasons for the blog name here and there in my posts.
    BTW you do look younger than your age. It’ll be great in future when you’re like 50 or something. Trust me.! hehe

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    1. Haha,I do look younger?What did you think?In school?Well to be honest this photograph is of 2013 but people say I haven’t changed much. 50?Well let’s see. 😀
      Talking about the 5th one,I have no clue.
      I like your blog name but I don’t like the reason you have behind it.You’ve told me before but that’s just my opinion.


      1. Image?I don’t have new photos of myself.Photographer of this blog rarely gets photographed. 😛
        I’ll wait for the day. 😀
        I also included the 5th fact.

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      2. Oh no.. Do the ‘Lemme take a selfie..!’ song performance.. hehe.
        I agree with that 5th fact. You’re secretive and a good listener. Though I’m more into solving my own problems by myself, we always need people who would listen and talk to us when we need them.

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      3. I never take selfies,only use of my front camera is to unlock phone.But I’m into self portraits and have a few photographs.But then again they are pretty old.
        Well,you know a lot about me already. 😉
        Yes we need people like that always but many of us rarely have them.


  2. #1. You’re still young. You’ll find the answer to this sooner or later.
    #4. Got a bit confused. Why would they be surprised you’re in college when people already think you’re in school?

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