Moonless Night – A very short story.


A plain road ahead and a moonless night.You couldn’t go back to your house because someone there is waiting with a knife.You had no telephones because you wanted a peaceful life.Little did you know that far from this city lived a maniac who always had a knife.A plain road ahead and a moonless night.You decide to move ahead into the dark with nothing but your baseball bat.You walked and walked with a hope for sunrise in your heart.Hours had passed but night only got dark.You stopped and looked back at your lonely house but there was nothing to be seen in the dark.Somebody moved in the dark and a dog howled somewhere far.You froze there in the dark.You checked your pockets and touched yourself only to realize you didn’t had anything at all.You were now sure that there was someone in those bushes and he was hiding in plain sight,could it be the same man with the knife?

Part 2,complete story.
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14 thoughts on “Moonless Night – A very short story.”

  1. I love scary, thrilling, killer story.(Hope I don’t sound like some maniac)
    I loved the image of your hand written story. It made even better. Great Post.
    I’m so eager to know what happened next that my head went and made up a next part of it. haha..

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    1. You don’t sound like a maniac because I happen to like all this stuff as well.I like Edgar Allan Poe.
      Glad you liked the image.
      What happened next?I don’t know,I’ll think and you please tell me what you think happened next.Waiting.

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      1. Same pinch.! hehe
        I was thinking that when he tries to approach the shadow thing in the bush he finds out it’s a corpse of a young man gutted with a sharp knife and his heart almost jumps out of his chest. He tries to run away as far as possible and he reaches a warehouse where he hides. He’s exhausted from fear and running, he passes out. When he wakes up he’s not him but he’s the man with the knife and the baseball bat was the knife and the killing spree goes on.
        I don’t even know what it was. But I like the whole idea of how scared the innocent half would get of someone who would have a killer alter ego. Am I making sense?

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      2. Dude,you talk about sense?You just completed my story in a terrific manner.I mean this was amazing!Very nice.
        You sure have a great imagination my dear friend.I honestly don’t think I’d be able to write any better end now.
        This is amazing.
        I want to give you credits and make a post but only if I have your permission.Or we could devise some way but the world seriously needs to read this one.
        P.S – We could totally co write a freaking amazing horror book.

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      3. Really? !!! I love the unexpected twists that gives chills up and down your spine you know. Thank you so much. I loved that reaction.
        You have permission to write complete the story. I would love to see others reaction to it too.
        Btw are you serious about writing the thriller book. If yes I’m totally ready to do that.

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      4. I mean yes,why not.If not today then someday we could write a horror book.Your reply was genius and I am posting it with your name and link to your blog.Let’s make you a little more famous. 😀

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