Thank You Readers – Achievement Unlocked

When I started blogging I had no freaking idea what I would write about.I just started it and had been delaying it since 2011(lame,right?).The stuff I wrote in my diary was nothing but a work of someone who just dreamed and never worked hard.I considered myself below average,thought too less of me.I still do that and this blog proves me wrong every time.People here are amazing and so awesome(yeah really).I have a lot of people who should be thanked.

So,this blog is not even 1 year old and I already have 400+ followers and people who I think actually read stuff I post.They compliment my poetry,photographs and hand writing.I through this blog got to know people and read what they have to offer and made some great friends as well.

The reason I’m making this post is to tell you people that this website called Baggout has put my name in their TOP 15 PERSONAL BLOGS IN INDIA. They also wrote a great description of the blog on their website.I think this is great,you know seeing your name in some list curated by someone who had users from all over India.I so far haven’t achieved much in life,so this is big for me.

I’d like to thank you for the support.Let me point out
1. I am talking to all my 409 followers on wordpress.
2. I am also talking to my silent email followers which are few but are amazing.I’d appreciate a comment from you guys      once in a while. 😀

Link to the the list –

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