Happy Birthday – J.K Rowling

“Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears. "After all this time?" "Always," said Snape.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows It doesn't matter if you read it or watch it but you'll feel the pain and… Continue reading Happy Birthday – J.K Rowling

Jama Masjid – Photo Post.

Jama Masjid,Delhi.Taken from the other side during a rickshaw ride.

Mother’s Love

This post might be emotional for some but what I saw was sure something that would make you think and praise the most wonderful thing in this world,that is mother.Now it is very well known that no one can love you as much as your mother but what I saw today was a pure depiction… Continue reading Mother’s Love

I am not good at it.

Who drew this masterpiece? This beautiful scene where the sun is about to set and water is so blue that it looks surreal. Okay no guesses there,I drew this one on some application. Apparently you do weird stuff when you are unable to sleep. Bah! I haven't posted in a while and have been missing… Continue reading I am not good at it.

Rest in peace, Sir

One of my favourite person died today. It was quite a shock to hear about the death of Mr. Kalam. I was his fan like most of the people. A great man died leaving his mark,you Sir did a lot for this country and for us. Thank you and rest in peace. jafarrehman@hotmail.com Posted from… Continue reading Rest in peace, Sir

Life – Photo Post

Most of the people in our country which is India are poor.Some cannot afford cars,bikes and some cannot even afford to get on to a vehicle and go from one place to another.Now I don't know the story behind this photograph but there are so many possibilities.What I saw was,this family was crossing the road… Continue reading Life – Photo Post

Crazed Fan – A short story

It was a normal day for me and I was about to leave for work.As usual I switched on the television to catch the news while I had my breakfast.On the news a bookstore was being shown and the news said "Serial Book Theif",nabbed with over 10 books in his car of the author called… Continue reading Crazed Fan – A short story

Thank you note!

I was checking my email and replying to the comments on my latest post and I saw the date 23/July/2015. This is the date when I started blogging in the year 2014.So,I have completed one year of blogging,though I registered here in 2011.Anyway,here is my first post,read here. Right now I have some very amazing… Continue reading Thank you note!


She stared at him Like she was trying To say something But she never spoke a word. -Jafar Rehman jafarrehman@hotmail.com Posted from WordPress for Android

Song #1 – Playlist

Lips Of An Angel by Hinder is one of my favorite songs.I used to listen to it on repeat mode when I was in school.I used to dim the lightning in my room and lie down on the bed and just stare endlessly.This song brings back memories. This song brings back the time when I… Continue reading Song #1 – Playlist