Respect women because they go through a lot,because they have problems and they are abused.
Respect men because they sacrifice,because blah blah..

Why do we need reasons to respect men and women? Why not respect because each one of us deserves it. Even animals deserve it,you can’t just go around and kick a random dog on the road(people do that here).
You do not need stupid,made up reasons to respect someone. I don’t get this logic.
I was just going through my facebook and there was this post by some page listing out the(same) reasons why we should respect women.Made me furious.
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42 thoughts on “Respect.

  1. I second you!! Why can’t we just treat women as fellow human beings? That’s all that’s needed actually. Not big words, bigger campaigns and diminutive results.

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  2. Their are such pages/posts/blogs etc quoting women sufferings and the various empower-women thoughts because the atrocities on women has been an age old issue. As nature had it, men since ever were stronger. They had somehow always dominated women. So much so that, a man’s upper hand on every decision became the norm. I ask why? We can’t help it. We can talk incessantly on respect, equality of gender but peaking into the real life scenario of Indian suburbs , we are still in stone age. A dedicated patriarchal society where people must be taught to respect women , to allow them their freedom.

    Sometimes I feel , the reserved classes and women , they have the same story. They were deprived of their basic rights. For centuries. In fact are deprived till date. Respecting is something that comes long after the exasperating need to free women. You know, the Facebook post can’t preach their message where they are actually required. So these efforts don’t really bring any positive revolution.

    And yes I completely agree with your thought. We must respect everyone. Their is no separate scale for different genders.

    I think you got my message 🙂

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    • I did get your message quite clearly.
      I being a man can help you and give some insight in how this is a problem.
      We men need to stop looking at women as something that would satisfy their needs and give them pleasure.
      I am sorry for using words that might not be appropriate but let’s face it and try to change it for better.
      People,even students would stare the girl and even make remarks,they wouldn’t let any girl pass without making her feel weird,scared. They would take every possible situation and try and turn it into something that would make them feel good.This needs to change,we need to change our mindset because let me point out that even education isn’t helping.
      I wrote a blog post in the starting about the problem of rape in India,I’m including the link,if you have time then please consider reading it.

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  3. I don’t think we need to single out any gender as deserving of respect because you’re right, we all do.
    However, perhaps what you saw was related to the centuries aged issue of discrimination and abuse against women?


    • I don’t think it was related to it.It could be but I doubt it.Anyway,I had to give my opinion because I found it absurd.
      We are equal,no one has more right than someone else.


  4. I agree with it. Ok not entirely may be. I can list one reason for those silly people who need it. Respect Men Women Animals, Nature, Anything and Everything because your mommy taught manners. Simple.! BTW that was a good post and I agree with it for real. It’s humane to do so.

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  5. The funny thing I have noticed is that people tend to live their lives where they share respect with those they agree with . . . With those that share some common bond whether it be color – race – religion. When they stumble upon someone who is different (as if they deserve to exist) all manners are thrown out the window. The true measure of a person . . . Should be in how they treat those with whom they disagree.

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    • That’s is something amazing that you pointed out and yes it’s true and I’ll agree with you.
      Other thing to note is – how do you treat those who are less powerful than you are?There you define who you are and what are the values that you have.

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      • Yes, but those that often have more . . . Often think they are more entitled than others. In this sense, they feel their position of power separates them from the masses. Just another way to divide yourself. Some do it by race – gender – religion – others status – power – wealth. It is still the same game – no matter how we are divided – no matter who the players are.

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      • We like to be on the top but on one condition that we should be alone there.
        How messed up that logic is?
        We are social beings and we aren’t supposed to act like it.

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