Left my home.

In the scorching sun
I left my home
Without a destination
Hoping I would
Reach there soon.


32 thoughts on “Left my home.”

      1. I mean to be honest, his sacrifice was way greater. The moment you come to know of his love and what he did to save the boy( the boy who lived),you get broken on the inside and wonder whoaa this is something extra ordinary. The devotion is amazing.

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      2. When I first started reading the series, I didn’t get a very good impression on the potions teacher, especially the way he treated Harry. I used to loathe him for the bully he was to Neville. But after the Prince’s tale, my opinion changed. He made the biggest sacrifice possible by murdering Dumby. Cuz he was the only one who believed in him despite of his terrible mistakes. And after his death, he was a complete outsider. How lonely he must have felt. He chose to be hated by everyone on the good side, to assure their win.

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      1. Yes, that is why I didn’t question the poem! But then I saw the title, and I went all omg after that. 😂

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